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We provides food safety technology and traceability of meat to the food and agricultural industries.

This is what we do

TracTechnology AB is a Swedish corporation. The company provides food safety technology and services to food and agricultural industries, specifically traceability of meat, throughout the entire supply chain.

TracTechnology is an IP (Intellectual Property) company whose core business is to provide licenses to companies and organizations operating within the food sector. A MeatTrac license provides access to the TracTechnology patented method to electronically track meat products throughout the value chain from breeder to the store.

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The company’s long-term strategic focus is food safety. This is in line with the increasingly stringent requirements of industry, government and especially consumers that are occurring on a global basis. The recurrent outbreaks of animal diseases and diverse food safety scandals continuously drive the process forward for safer practices, and thus safer food.


TracTechnology is entitled to the patent for the method to track meat products electronically through the entire supply chain from the farmers through to the consumer. We offer the food industry stakeholders access to the method patent, and thus the ability to implement a system to ensure traceability. The client secures the opportunity and access to exploit the patent by signing a licensing agreement with TracTechnology.


MeatTrac was founded in light of the enormous costs and burdensome regulations as a result of various animal diseases and food scares in Europe. With modern technology and a higher level than the current requirements for traceability and food safety, we reduce costs and help our customers achieve productivity improvements. To learn more about our services and products, please contact us at: