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Niclas Lindgren

TracTechnology’s journey has truly taken off!

After a year at the helm, it really feels like TracTechnology has a unique way of thinking. We will collect data that already exists and provide it in the next step, in multiple steps. Building a successful company is about wanting more and doing better. Aim high and think long-term.

We deliver value by creating open and transparent value and supply chains, enabling informed choices to be made.


Niclas has several years of experience in production, business development, and food safety. He resides in Kalmar with his wife and daughter and enjoys spending his free time on the sea and in nature.


It is the people behind the solutions that make the difference.

Ulrik Brandén


Ulrik is 53 years old and resides with his family in southern Öland. For over 25 years, he has been active as an entrepreneur and business developer, working with both large publicly traded companies and growth-oriented startups. He is also involved in investment and capital acquisition processes. Ulrik has extensive board experience across various industries and companies in different stages.

Ulrika Bromander


Ulrika is 46 years old, lives in Gothenburg, and has been in the IT industry since 1997. She has extensive experience in introducing new IT products and solutions to the market. After many years at IBM, she gained 10 years of experience as a CEO in the IT consulting industry. Establishing new business models, packaging service-based solutions, driving growth, and creating a more sustainable world are her passions when she's not cheering for her teenage sons at the hockey rink.



Stefan is 59 years old and resides in Linköping with his family. He is in a non-cohabitating relationship with Suzanne and has 5 adult children. With approximately 40 years of experience in various sales and marketing roles within the Swedish grocery retail industry, Stefan has worked for companies such as AB Marabou, Munksjö Hygiene, Skånemejerier, Östgöta Mjölk, and others. Presently, Stefan serves as the CEO and co-owner of Den Svenska Matfabriken. He also possesses a broad network of contacts within the investment field.



Eddie is 55 years old and lives with his wife in Borgholm, Öland. His daughters have moved out. He is a seasoned serial entrepreneur with extensive experience in developing companies and products, primarily in marketing and sales. Eddie invests in early-stage IT companies with their own products or services.

Currently, he leads DueDive AB, which conducts technical due diligence on IT companies and has built a large network of investors in Europe through that work.